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Comprehensive General Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Donald Tucker offers effective decay treatment, root canal therapy, and other general dentistry procedures at his Williamsville, NY, practice to protect and maintain your oral health. We are committed to quality, working with a local lab and USA-made materials. Dr. Tucker is an experienced doctor with over 1500 hours of continuing education. Our dental practice offers the advantage of cutting-edge technology, such as the NOMAD Pro x-ray system, intraoral cameras, and digital panoramic imaging. Should a dental emergency occur, Dr. Tucker is available to his patients by cell phone after hours and his office will make every effort to see you as soon as possible.

An x-ray under examination by a skilled dentist.

Our dental practice offers the advantage of cutting-edge technology

Our General Dentistry Treatments

Dr. Donald Tucker provides a full range of dental and oral health care options. We incorporate advanced technology, including Spectra, a laser fluorescence detector used for early detection of surface cavities.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are removed for a variety of complications, such as overcrowding, impaction, or tooth decay. In some instances, a wisdom tooth may only emerge slightly or will not be able to break through the gum at all, leading to inflammation or infection. Extracting a wisdom tooth involves a surgical procedure with a local or general anesthesia. 

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the process of cleaning the inside of an infected tooth root and the inner pulp, which is composed of nerves and blood vessels. This treatment can save a severely compromised tooth by clearing the infected tissue and sealing the tooth against further infection. 

Composite Fillings

For those with a mild to moderate cavity, composite fillings help protect the tooth's surface from further decay. This is a relatively minor procedure that can be completed in one office visit. During the procedure, Dr. Tucker locates the cavity, cleans the decay, and fills the tooth with composite resin.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are an effective preventive measure that involve the application of a liquid layer of sealer that bonds directly to the cusps and tops of your teeth. Candidates for sealants are patients whose tooth grooves are deep and more difficult to clean, those who have more exposed areas due to cavity damage, and children and adolescents who may be more prone to developing cavities. 

Decay Treatment

Decay treatment includes removal of damaged tooth tissue or material, whether from cavities or infections. Decay is generally caused by sugary food or beverages, which turn acidic in reaction to bacteria. Treatments range from fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, and tooth extraction.

Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening often serves as a preparatory procedure for dental crowns. It can also address gummy smiles. Patients whose teeth have broken or decayed close to the gum, or whose gum line covers more of their teeth than they would like are good candidates for crown lengthening. 

Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal (gum) disorders and disease can cause significant dental issues and may be an indication of other underlying health concerns. Periodontal scaling and root planing involves a deep cleaning of the gums and tooth roots where plaque and bacteria are problematic. During periodontal surgery, Dr. Tucker removes gum tissue or cleans and treats problem areas. Periodontal surgery can also reshape or remove gum tissue for easier cleaning and improved aesthetics.

TMD Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is diagnosed when there is a significant problem with your jaw joint and surrounding muscles. One treatment option is a custom-crafted mouth guard manufactured in Dr. Tucker’s lab.  

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